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These walk-in baths feature a low threshold entry, a sealed door and stainless steel grab bars for easy entry and exit. The anti-slip floor prevents any dangerous slips or falls.


This high-end aging-in-place solution offers five standard therapeutic features that can help with arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, back pain, muscle pain, stress, insomnia, and circulatory disease. A digital thermometer hand showers are also available as an additional add-on.

  • Hydrotherapy Jet Massage – Adjustable water jets massage the entire body, relieving soreness and inflammation.

  • Air Bubble Therapy – Air jets release thousands of bubbles, improving circulation and relieving tired muscles and joints.

  • Color Chromatherapy – Colored lights further enhance relaxation and reduce stress.

  • Aromatherapy – Users can place scented beads in a reservoir in the tub, releasing scents that trigger relaxation.

  • Ozone Therapy & Purification – The tub’s Ozonator purifies the water and aids in rejuvenating the skin.

  • 53” wide x 29.875” deep x 37.5” high (60” wide with extension included)

  • Equipped with a 1000W air blower, 1.5 HP water pump, 18 chrome-capped copper air jets and 10 chrome water jets

  • Fitted with a 400W in-line heater

  • Includes a contoured seat 17” high by 24” wide with removable neck/back and seat cushions

  • 67-gallon capacity

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